20 Cute 1st Birthday Invitations: All Free, Printable and Original

Welcome to my homemade treasure of free printable 1st birthday invitations. It’s all very simple: I’ve been drawing and designing so you can just print and send. It doesn’t come any easier than that, hey! 🙂

Besides the readymade printable invitations on this site, you’ll also find tips on how to make birthday cards yourself for your 1 year old, how to throw a smashing party for the little one, plus funny birthday greetings and cute happy birthday messages that you can write on your invites.

So go on, dive in – you will find that everything that you need will be right at your fingertips.

13 Creative 1st Birthday Invitations Ideas and Themes

Let’s get right down to business – here are some cute printable birthday invitations for that big day – please note that all invitations on this site are for private use only.

Multiple Balls Galore Theme

Little boys, and some girls not to forget, love playing with balls, and here you can see all manner of balls as the theme of the invitation.

The perfect kind of 1st birthday invitations theme for little boys. Lots of sports balls.

The image size of this birthday invitation is 10,68 x 15 cm in 300 dpi. This is a very good print quality. Don’t let the screen size of the image fool you – if you save the image on your pc, you will see that this is a postcard size invitation.

Cute Baseball Baby as a Sports Theme

Again, this invitation would be for a little boy’s 1st birthday party. Whichever sport is Daddy’s (and baby’s) favorite.

Cute printable baby invite for first birthday - daddy's favorite baseball theme.

The size of this invitation is almost similar being 10,26 x 15 cm in 300 dpi. This is also near typical postcard size, which I guess is what you want for an invite.

Flower-Power Baby Girl Theme

For the little girl of the house, a flower theme for the invitations is a great theme to use for the cards. If you want to make your own invitations, your can use either cartoon flowers, pictures of real flowers or why not press some flowers yourself and glue them on.

1st birthday invitation for girls featuring a cute little baby as a flower.

Image size: 10,47 x 15 cm in 300 dpi.

The 6 Cutest Animal Themes

Animals can be a theme for both boys and girls, depending on the color and the animals themselves. For girls, pink ponies, cats, and dogs can all be a good idea, whereas boys probably would go with lions, tigers, elephants, and other “manly” animals.

Baby Elephant with Cupcake

Baby elephant as a kids birthday party invitation - for both girls and boys.

This high resolution image is 8,09 x 15 in 300 dpi ideal for printing.

Duckling with Happy Birthday Flag

Cute kids birthday invite with a duckling holding a birthday flag and a present.

Image size: 10,24 x 15 cm in 300 dpi.

Octopus with Lots of Birthday Party Gear

Happy octopus on birthday invitation for first birthday.

The size of this high resolution image is 11,29 x 14 cm in 300 dpi.

Green Owl with Balloon

Cute owl for smart kids - free birthday invite all ready to print.

Image size: 12,73 x 14 cm in 300 dpi.

Cute Black Cat Invite

Printable kids birthday party invitation featuring a black cat with its tail around a number 1.

Printable image size: 10,86 x 14 cm in 300 dpi.

Yellow Fish with Birthday Bubbles

1st birthday invitations with animal themes: yellow fish with colorful bubbles wishing happy birthday.

This cute invite is 11,2 x 14 cm if you print it.

Fancy Little Prince or Princess as a Royalty Theme

There is no doubt that the little one is the prince or princess of the house, so here you’ll see some invites with a royalty theme featuring a baby girl and boy dressed in fancy clothing.

Printable birthday invitation with a baby prince in king's costume.

This size of this image is 10,73 x 15 cm in 300 dpi.

Printable birthday invite featuring a baby princess wearing a queen's robe and crown.

Almost similar with 9,39 x 15 cm in 300 dpi.

Exciting Jungle Theme

Also for little boys and girls, making a fun jungle theme for your invitation can be a great way to set the tone for your fun jungle party.

1st birthday invitation with jungle theme with a snake, hippo and tucano. Free and ready to print.

The size of this printable invite is 10 x 15 cm in 300 dpi.

Old Vintage Themes

Nothing is more adorable than those cute old cards and invites. Here are some vintage invites ones that I’ve found and turned into pretty 1st birthday invitations.

Old vintage birthday invitation with the custest little baby on the phone.

This square invitation is 12 x 12 cm.

Cute vintage birthday invite with kittens and cats.

This cute invite is 8,82 x 15 cm.

Vintage birthday invitation for first birthday with a cute baby boy reading a book with a rabbit.

Like other square vintage invite above this is also 12 x 12 cm.

For the Trend Conscious – Personalized Modern Retro Theme

If you’re into to the retro look that is very popular today, you might like these printable baby invites. I’ve tried to make that retro look shine through and all you need to do is ad your baby’s photo either digitally or manually with glue.

There are many more ideas to be found on the 1st Birthday Party Invitations page, so head over there if you want to find more.

Modern retro theme on birthday invitation - printable and personalized, just glue on photo.

This retro printable invite is 9,53 x 15 cm in 300 dpi.

Modern retro birthday invitation for first birthday: birthday cake with one candle.

Image size: 10,48 x 15 cm in 300 dpi.

A Fairytale Castle as a Pink Princess Theme

Pink is a great theme for your little 1 year old princess, and you will find that having an all pink party can be a great way to go if your little one is into being a very girly girl.

Throw a party with pink balloons, pink wrapped chocolates, pink decorations, and pink icing on a strawberry cake.

The typical girl princess theme with a pink castle and a place to glue on photo.

This castle invitation is 11,25 x 15 cm.

Planes or Trains as Vehicle Themes for Boys

Almost all boys plays with vehicles … for some it is only a fling, for others a lifelong romance. Here are some of the more ‘manly’ invites on this page.

The first birthday train with a cupcake and a present. Printable.

This high resolution image is 11,35 x 14 in 300 dpi.

Red plane with flag on 1 birthday invite - free and printable.

This plane invitation is 12,25 x 14 cm.


A great idea for your little one is to make a party using pictures of the baby’s progress on a monthly basis. Start with month 1, and add a picture of the baby each month until you reach 12 (the birthday month). You can even have fun adding foods that look like the kind of thing that baby ate during that month, and add a few fun pictures on the invitation.


Yellow is a very non-gender specific theme for a party, meaning that you can do it for both boys and girls. Your child is sure to love the bright colors of the yellow muffins, the yellow cakes, the yellow balloons and streamers, and, of course, the bright yellow first birthday invitations sent out to all the guests.


If your child has a specific book that they love, why not throw a party using those book characters? Whether it’s Winnie the Pooh, Paddington Bear, Dora the Explorer, Curious George, or any other character, it should be easy to find all kinds of clip art online for the invitations. You can use the clip art to get ideas for the cake, decorations, and all the rest.

Fun Baby Invitations Your Little One Can Make …
It’s Doesn’t Get Anymore Personalized Than That!!

If you want to have the little one get involved directly in the making of their own birthday invitations and birthday cards, you will find that it will be a fun activity that you can both participate in.

Here are some fun baby invitations that your baby can – quite literally – have a hand in:

Dried Goods Invites

Babies love playing with dried goods, such as noodles, beans, and all the rest. You can have baby help to make their own card by having them dip the noodles into cups with different watercolors of paint, or they can select the beans to be used.

Baby Prints

When baby wants to make his or her own card, they can lend a hand or a foot to the project. All you have to do for the birthday card is give baby a blank piece of white paper, dip both hands, both feet, or one and one into a bit of finger paints, and your invites are ready to go with a bit of text added (by Mommy of course!).

Baby Picture

Take a picture with the little guy, and use that picture as the cover for their card. Take a few pictures, show them all to your toddler, and let them pick out the one they like best. Use that picture for the invite as a means of letting the little one exercise their artistic side.

Shapes and Colors

The little one has probably made excellent progress learning their colors and shapes, so why not let that knowledge be put to good use in making the invitations? Cut out a bunch of shapes from paper of all different colors, and let the little guy decide on which shapes and colors go on which invitation.

There are more ideas on the Fun Baby Invitations page, so get ready for your baby to get messy as he or she makes their own birthday card!

6 Fun Happy Birthday Messages to Put on Your Invites

Don’t know what to say to your little one? Try some of these happy birthday messages, or some of the ones found on the Happy Birthday Messages page:

  • Your life has just begun, but you’re already turning one!
  • May this be a ONEderful birthday!
  • This is your first birthday, but there’s many more happy birthdays to come!
  • You’re growing so fast, so happy birthday to my little prince or princess.
  • 12 months ago, you were just a little bundle of joy, but now you’re bringing so much happiness into our lives!
  • Thankfully there’s cake for this party, as you are already one cutie pie!

6 Great Happy Birthday Clipart to Add to Your Invites

Finding the right happy birthday clipart for your child’s birthday invitations can be a challenge if you don’t know what to look for, but on the Happy Birthday Clipart page you can find all kinds of fun images.

You can find pictures of:

  • Cakes
  • Birthday hats
  • Party time
  • Animals
  • Flowers
  • Balls and more…

All the pictures you need to make your child’s first birthday invitations are easily available on the clipart page…

3 Cute Birthday Sayings and Birthday Card Sayings

Here are some cute little birthday sayings and birthday card sayings that you can add to your child’s birthday card to make it extra special:

  • It is difficult to make a Birthday wish for a one year old who can’t read or write. But this wish is special because it is full of love, warmth and a lot of hugs for a little bundle of joy. Wishing you a very Happy 1st Birthday.
  • You may only weigh a few pounds and you are small enough to fit in my arms, but the amount of joy and happiness you have brought in my life is larger than life itself. Happy 1st Birthday!
  • You have turned 1 today. We pray and wish that you have a life full of joy, happiness, success, prosperity and love of friends, near and dear ones. God bless you, dear child. Happy Birthday!

Many more of these can be found on the Cute Birthday Sayings page

8 Happy Birthday Quotes if You Make Your Own Birthday Invitations

If you are making your own invitations with your child, here are some fun happy birthday quotes and phrases you can use as an invitation to those that you want to come to your party:

  • Laughing, crawling, growing up fast … Since she arrived a year has passed. So join us for cake, food, and fun, Let’s celebrate…_____ is one
  • Swing on by and join the fun, Our little Monkey is turning one! Please join us as we monkey around for ___’s first birthday!
  • Crawling, talking, and growing up fast…since I arrived, a year has passed. Come celebrate me turning one!
  • The year flew by, it went so fast
    But we’ve had fun; its been a blast!
  • It`s been a very exciting year
    full of joy, love and fun.
    We hope you`ll celebrate with us
    as our little girl or boy turns one!
  • Come one, come all and join the fun!
    Our baby Einstein is turning 1!
  • I learned to laugh and squeal,
    then sit and stand,
    and I can walk now if you hold my hand.
    But the fun has only just begun,
    lookout world, I’m turning one!
  • It’s been quite a ride,
    It’s been a good time,
    But I’ve giving up being One
    and invite you celebrate
    this special day of mine.

Check out the Happy Birthday Quotes page for more fun ideas…

Birthday Traditions from Around the World

It is interesting to note that birthdays were actually used to mark one of the most important achievements in a child’s life: surviving their first year. During a time when there were a lot of wars, famines, and sicknesses, it is no wonder such an emphasis was placed on first birthdays.

Thankfully, the celebration is much more enjoyable nowadays…

The world is an amazing place, and there are all kinds of fun and funny birthday traditions celebrated by people from around the world. Here are a few for you to consider as you are planning your little one’s party:

  • The Cook Islanders have a tradition of giving children special quilts embroidered by hand on their first birthday. They are made by many different people, and are usually treasured by the recipients.
  • The Chinese will place a few household items in front of their child, such as a pencil, money, etc. The item that the child grabs is supposed to indicate their future.
  • Some Hindi will actually give the child their first haircut and feed them their first solid food on or around their first birthday.
  • Hawaiians celebrate their child’s first birthday with a luau, sometimes with hundreds of guests. The baby is presented to all the relatives and friends of the parents.
  • Japanese will have their 1 year olds carry rice on their backs in a celebration known as “issho mocha”. This is a custom that celebrates the parents’ hope that the child will always have more than enough food for the rest of their lives.

Wow, these are some fascinating traditions, no?

Tips for Free Printable Birthday Cards and Invitations

If you are going to use free printable birthday cards and invitations for your child’s party, here are a few things to remember:

  • Don’t forget to create an RSVP box where people can let you know how many people are coming to the party. It will help you to create a list of guests and know how much stuff you need to get.
  • Give guests the option on the card of writing down their favorite 1st birthday recipe, as that can give you some great ideas of what food you can serve at your child’s birthday party.
  • Check the dates clearly to be sure that you have gotten them right, or just write the date and time in by hand if there is no space for that information on the personalized birthday invitations.
  • The free printable birthday cards may already have a sweet message, but don’t forget to write a special message just from Mommy and Daddy to let the little one know how important he or she is to you both.

Other Stuff You Can Find One This Site

So, we’ve promised to provide you with an ultimate resource on what you can find on this site, but what do some of the pages contain?

Here are some things that you can look forward to finding when checking out this site:

  • Printable Birthday Party Invitations – That’s right, if you have a hard time coming up with a unique design for your kids birthday party invitations, why not just download one to be printed out at your leisure? You can cut back on a lot of work by just using these downloadable invitations, and you will find that being able to print them out will save you a whole lot of time and effort invested in trying to learn how to make the invitations on your computer.
  • Make Your Own Invitations – If you really want to make your own birthday invitations, you can find out how to make them using Microsoft Word or Publisher, or how you can find websites that will enable you to make them quickly. There are all kinds of amazing resources that you can find online, and you should have no problem either making your own from scratch or using the instant printable birthday invitations sites to create a few awesome first birthday invitations for your little one.
  • Baby Invitations and Cards – When it comes time to make the birthday card, it can be hard to know what to do, right? Well, here you will find some great ideas of invitations AND birthday cards that you can make, thus saving you a lot of time and making it much easier for you to make the card and invitations following the same theme.
  • Birthday Messages – Every birthday card needs a few fun little messages for the little one, but what can you say to the cute little bundle of joy? If you’re stumped for what happy birthday messages to put on your card, don’t worry about it! Here you can find all kinds of fun messages for your little one, messages that you can tailor to make your own and easily use to whip up that special birthday card quickly.
  • Happy Birthday Clipart – When making your little one’s birthday card, it might be fun to use a bit of artwork, such as clip art. Rather than having to spend all of your time searching through the Microsoft Office website or checking Google images to find the perfect picture, sort through our vault of clipart and fun pictures. It will be much quicker, and the pictures will be easy to download and quickly add to your child’s card or invitations.
  • Happy Birthday Quotes – There are all kinds of fun quotes that you can use to convey an inspirational message to your little one, such as quotes by famous people, a funny birthday greeting or two, and funny happy birthday messages that will go great on your first birthday invitations. If you can’t come up with any quotes, check out our Happy Birthday Quotes page to find a whole list of great sayings and quotations to add to the card.

These are just a few things that you can find on the site, and here we uphold our promise to be the ultimate resource for all things 1st birthday invitations and 1st birthday party-related!

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