20 Adorable Baby Shower Invites – Unique, Free and Printable

Looking for a resource with lots of original and free printable baby shower invites? Great, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

One this website you will find lots of different baby shower invitation templates for both baby boys and baby girls but you’ll also be able to find more neutral invitations, if the sex of the child is unknown.

And what’s better is that it’s all very easy!

All you need to do is scroll down, find your preferred invitation, print it out and fill in the blanks 😉

Please bear in mind that all the baby shower invites and 1st birthday invitations on this site are for private use only, thank you.

Cute Printable Baby Shower Invitation Templates and Related Party Themes

If you’re going to be throwing a baby shower, you can make it more fun by having a theme for the party.

Here are a few baby shower theme ideas that are also reflected on the invitations:

Cute Baby Gear: Bibs, Bottles, Pacifier

If people don’t know what to get for you for the baby shower, you can send them a card with lots of ideas of things to get you.

For example, the card can say, “You’re invited to (this event with all the information and pertinent details). Don’t know what to bring? Mommy needs (pictures with captions of all the baby gear you need)…”

This will be a cute theme that will actually be helpful for those that are responding to your invitation, as they will have an idea of things that they can bring for you.

free printable baby shower invites with lots of baby gear, pacifier, bib and bottle.

The image size of this baby shower invitation is 14 cm x 12,11 in 300 dpi. This is excellent print quality. And even though the image looks small on the screen, it is not in reality. If you save it on your pc, you will discover that it has actually a perfect size for an invitation. 🙂

Bibs for Baby Girls and Baby Boys

This invitation theme is great for both baby boy shower invitations and baby girl shower invitations, as it can be made in any color that you want.

You can write with glitter on a real cloth baby bib, which will be very cute. You can also use a cloth marker, which will make it possible for you to write out the invitation by hand.

If you don’t want to do it by hand, you can simply print out one of these baby bib invitations. Also you can choose to cut it out which will have a great effect.

baby boy shower invitation with a blue baby bib.

The image of this printable invite is typical postcard size 14 cm x 10,61 cm in 300. The same size and high resolution qualities go for the baby girl version below.

pink bib on baby girl shower invitation.

Big Baby Bottle as Invitation

unique baby shower templates featuring a baby bottle for boys.

The image size of the above and below printable invites are similar and also postcard size: 15 cm x 9,37 cm.

Printable baby shower cards for girls - pink bottle.

Colorful Baby Blocks

For the invitations, you may want to come up with a cute baby blocks theme. You can spell out the name of the person being celebrated in blocks, or you can spell out the name of the baby as well.

You can put the number of blocks on the card according to the number of people that are being invited with the specific invitation (i.e. three people being invited would have 3 blocks with the numbers 1, 2, and 3 on them), or you can just stack blocks for the picture however you want.

There’s nothing cuter than seeing baby blocks stacked on a card, so it will be a great theme.

baby shower illustrations with toy blocks for boys.

These invites (above and below) are 14 cm x 11,67 in 300 dpi if you print them.

unique baby shower invites for girls with toy blocks

Ultrasound Will Make a Totally Unique Invitation

This is something that not everyone will appreciate, but you can bet that all the mothers (and hopeful mothers) will definitely like it.

What you can do is have a picture of your baby taken via ultrasound, either in 3D or black and white.

You can then make the unique baby shower invitations using the ultrasound as the artistic detail of the card. You may find that people will love the creative style of the card, and it will show them what your baby really looks like as the baby shower is going on.

Or if you don’t want to use your own ultrasound picture, you can use this one below.

Invite with ultrasound image on pregnant belly silhouette.

Image size: 13 cm x 12,18 cm, in 300 dpi.

Pregnant Belly Retro Style

If you’re into to the modern retro style design, you might like these printable baby shower invites with a silhouette of a pregnant mom.

Baby boy shower invitation template with a pregnant silhouette in modern retro style.

Free custom baby shower invitations in modern retro style for girls.

Both invitations above are high resolution and printable with the properties of: 13 cm x 12,18 cm, in 300 dpi.

Cute Baby Footprints

Cute baby footprints or foot steps on baby shower card for boys.

Baby girl shower invitations template with pink footprints.

The size of these two cute printable invites are 13 cm x 13 cm in 300 dpi.

The Traditional Stork and Baby Theme

White stork carrying a little baby.

This baby shower invite is ideal if you don’t know the sex of the child. Image size is 15 cm x 9,45 cm in 300 dpi.

Clothesline with Baby Clothes

Baby shower cards for boys with a clothesline with baby clothes.

Baby shower invitation card for girls with clothesline.

These two above invites to print are 15 cm x 9,68 cm in 300 dpi.

Simple Artistic Contour of Pregnant Woman

Contour or silhouette of pregnant woman on green background.

Image size is 13 x 11,28 cm in 300 dpi.

Printable baby shower invitation template with pregnant belly woman contour or silhouette on purple background.

Image size is 14 x 12,16 cm in 300 dpi.

Pregnant Belly Dress

Neutral baby shower invite with pregnant belly dress in retro style.

This cute printable baby shower invite in neutral retro style is 14 x 12,65 cm in 300 dpi.

Big Pregnant Belly with Bow

Pregnant belly baby shower invite with big bow.

Pregnant belly on black woman on baby shower invitation card templates.

More gender neutral invites all ready to print: 15 cm x 9,54 cm in 300 dpi.


If you want to have a fun, touching theme, why not send out invitations with a small space next to the RSVP section. This space will be filled out by the people that send back your invitations, and they will write some helpful tips or motivational words in the blank. You may find that people will write very helpful things that will prepare you to be a mother, and it will be a touching way for you to receive help and counsel from others – both people that have been mothers for years as well as those without kids.


Most of the guests probably don’t know what the gender of the baby is, and it can be a fun theme for your baby shower invites to have the guests write down all the superstitions and wives’ tales that they have heard about how to find out what the gender is. When it comes time for the shower, you can use gender-neutral decorations and start the party by reading all of the superstitions. You can even try some of them if you want, and you can see which ones are accurate. Once you’ve done the guessing games, you can let everyone know what the baby’s gender is.

Elegant Brunch

For those whose baby shower will consist of good food, why not have it over brunch? You can go to your favorite brunch restaurant and have a midmorning meal that will make everyone attending the party very happy. You can serve cocktails, with a special virgin cocktail for the expecting mother. It will be a wonderful and very cute idea for the party, and you can bet that everyone at the party will be glad that there’s some food – even if they have to pay for what they eat themselves.

An invitation ideal for the brunch theme would feature a pregnant woman and delicious snacks.

British Tea Party

The classic British tea party is a very cute little ceremony, and it will make a very elegant theme for the baby shower party and invites. It will also be a very relaxing one, and you will find that it will be a lot easier for you to kick back and enjoy without having to do much moving around or active games.

You will be able to sit in your garden or outdoor room, and you can serve tea, little tea sandwiches, cookies, or anything else that you want. It doesn’t have to be hot tea, but you can make your own delicious sun tea to serve as well. It’s a party theme for relaxing, and it’s the best way to go if you don’t want too much action.

Hollywood Fame

You will be giving birth to a new little baby, who will be just one more “star in the universe”. You can do the Hollywood Walk of Fame as a theme for your party, with each parent bringing a star with a wish and a name idea on it (if you haven’t already decided on the name of the child).

You can also have each of the guests arriving and walking down a red carpet running from your driveway to your house, and you can snap pictures and take videos of each arrival to be compiled later into a photo album or video montage.

Spoiling Time

A great party theme is spoiling the soon-to-be mother, who won’t have much time to take care of herself once the little one arrives. Everyone can bring something to spoil the mother with, such as her favorite candies, a box of chocolate, a bunch of grapes to feed her, the tools for a manicure or pedicure, or anything else you can come up with. This will be a great chance to give the wonderful woman exactly what she deserves!

The baby shower invite ideal for this theme will be a representation of a present in some way shape or form.

Cute Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas for Your Own Invitations

Doing the baby shower invitations yourself and don’t know what to write in them?

Try using some of these ideas, or come up with your own:

  • Please come join us in sharing (Mother’s name) joy
    As she prepares for a little girl or boy!
  • Be it a boy or a girl, we simply can’t say,
    Let’s shower the Mommy before the delivery day!
  • A new little baby is on the way so
    Please reserve this special day!
  • With babies come toys
    and a whole world of joys
    and all kinds of fun things to do…
    With babies come laughter
    and love ever after…
    With babies, sweet dreams all come true
  • Tiny fingers, tiny toes,
    little itty-bitty clothes,
    hugs & kisses, so much joy
    Is it a baby girl? or a baby boy?

These are just a few ideas, so get creative and come up with your own!If you like the artistic style of these invites you might like the free printable 1st birthday invitations on this site.

Other Tips for the Creative Self-Sufficient Mom

If the above free printable baby shower invitations don’t tempt you and you’re one of the many mothers that enjoy doing such crafty things herself, here are a few things to keep in mind:

There are Thousands of Baby Shower Themes, but You Only Need One

You will find that there are dozens of great theme ideas spread all around this site, including a few below on this same page.

Check out the theme ideas, or come up with some of your own. Once you have the theme, you can make baby shower invites that will give people an idea of what to expect.

The Fewer the Guests, the Fancier (and More Expensive) the Invites

How many guests are you inviting to the baby shower? If you’re going to have a simple baby shower with just a few close friends, you can make the invitations as fancy or elegant as you want.

However, if you’re going to be inviting a lot of people, you may want to keep things simpler in order to keep costs low. You’re going to want to avoid spending a fortune on sending out very fancy invites to too many people, so it’s a good idea to keep the invites simple if you’re inviting a lot of guests.

Deciding on the Activity Flow of the Party

What are you thinking for your baby shower? Do you want something simple where you and your friends sit around and talk, or do you want there to be more activities and crafts that you will all enjoy together?

Think about what you would like for the “perfect” baby shower, and it will help you to come up with the best baby shower theme for your party, as well as all the activities and ideas of what you’re going to be doing.

If you can plan a party according to your preferences, your invitation can help guests know what the party will entail.

Creativity – DIY or BUY

Many people have latent abilities in the creative arts, and you may find that you are great at making cards, invitations, and all the other things that you’re going to need for the baby shower.

However, what do you do if you don’t have a lot of creative skills? You may have to buy some invitations, or purchase the invitations online. You can find a lot of free printable baby shower invitations and baby shower thank you cards, and you will be able to save yourself the hassle of trying to come up with the ideas on your own. You may even find some great theme ideas when you look into some great invitation and card ideas.

These are a few things that you will need to keep in mind as you start getting into making your baby shower invites and baby shower cards, but you will find that it will be a whole lot of fun once you have begun the process of creating your own invites. It will get easier as you practice a bit, and you may just find that you can whip up your own fun invites and cards within minutes!

Some Activities for Your Baby Shower

One major part of any baby shower is the activities, which includes games, arts and crafts, and so on.

You will find that there are all kinds of activities that you can do, and what you decide to do depends entirely on the theme of your party.

If you want some simple and creative ideas of what to do with the party, here are some things for you to consider as activities for your baby shower:

Guest Book for the Baby to Come

Your child won’t know what you did for the party, but you will find that making a guest book for each of your invitees to sign can be a great way for them to leave a little memento of the party for your child when they are born.

They can leave wishes for you and for the baby in the guest book, along with a little note and their name.

Collective Quilting Bee

The baby will need a quilt to sleep under, and you can have all of the guests bring a small square of material (a pre-determined size) to the party.

You can give each of the guests the materials that they need to sew their square of material in place, and they can write a note in cloth ink or sew a cute felt shape onto it.

It will be a very practical yet personal present, and one that your baby will love once he or she is old enough to appreciate it.

Handmade Mat

Making a doormat for your baby’s room can be a cute idea, or you can turn a small square of carpet into a fun group activity. Everyone will be able to sew, glue, or write whatever they want onto the carpet, and it will be placed by the baby’s crib. It will be something that your child will appreciate when they grow older, and it will be a cute project for you all to do.

Pottery Projects

If you want something very original, host the baby shower at a pottery studio. Each of the guests will be able to take time to learn how to make pottery, and they can make whatever dishes, cups, bowls, or vases that they want.

They can decorate them however they want, and they can write a little note for you and your baby as a perfect baby shower gift.

They can also be made to take home once the party is over.

Piñata Fun

Piñatas are a very popular party item in South and Central America, and you may just find that it will be an excellent activity for your event.

The pregnant mother will need to be careful if she’s swinging around a stick (the exertion can be bad for her), but all of the other guests can have fun being blindfolded and made to whack at a piñata that is tied to a string and hung from the roof.

Fill it with candies, chocolates, or even baby gear if you want, and it will be a fun game for all.

Video Interviews to Capture Dear Friends and Family Members

Most of the guests that you are inviting to the baby shower are probably close friends and your family, and you will find that most of them will have something that they want to say – both to you and your little one.

You can get a video camera, and take the time to interview each of the guests to see if they have wishes they want to get on tape. (Make sure to catch them before the drinks get served, and only video them when they’re ready with something to say.) You can turn it into a montage for your little one.

These activities will be a whole lot of fun for you and your guests to do, so consider them carefully in order to see if one of them seems like something that you might want to do in your party. You can keep the party simple if you want, or you can add as many activities as you want – and can afford. Some of the activities will be expensive, so plan according to your budget and the activities you want to do.

Tips for a Successful Baby Shower

If you want your baby shower to be successful, use these tips to help you as you plan:

    • Send out the invitations at least three weeks in advance, four if you’re using the postal service. E-invites are easy to send out and get an RSVP immediately, but you want time to prepare for the party. If you’re using regular mail, it will take about a week to send and another week to be returned – so give yourself plenty of time.


    • Serve easy foods. You’re going to be dealing with a lot of people that want to enjoy the occasion, but they’re all going to be a bit hungry. If you serve a big meal or dishes that are very messy, you’re going to have to sit down and eat properly. If you want to keep things easy and casual, make sure to serve snacks that are easy to eat.


    • Use disposables. You don’t want to have to spend hours after the party cleaning up, so make sure to use all disposable items. No one will think twice about eating off a disposable plate, and it will help to take a lot of work off your plate (pun intended). You can use disposable plates, cups, utensils, and even champagne or wine glasses if you want.


    • Keep the games simple and sweet. You don’t want to make the games embarrassing for the parents or the guests, but you do want everyone to have fun. Make sure that the games include everyone, and be sure that they can be enjoyed by all that are at your party.


    • Have someone in charge of presents. Remember that all of your guests are going to be bringing a special item for the baby, the mother, or the father, and the gifts are going to add up. If you have someone in charge of receiving the gifts and organizing them, it will make it a whole lot easier for you to focus on throwing the party and being the good hostess.


    • Know if there are any dietary restrictions. Obviously, as the expectant mother, you won’t be able to drink alcohol, but find out if anyone else is pregnant, allergic or sensitive to certain foods, or are following a strict diet. You will be able to serve something for everyone, and you can ensure that all the guests at your party enjoy the food and drinks.


  • Keep it festive. The most important thing is that you enjoy yourself at this party, so make sure that all of the games and activities will be fun and festive. Stay away from sensitive topics, and ensure that all of your guests know that the party is about you!

Have fun with your baby shower, and you’re more than welcome to use all the ideas, tips, tricks, and cards that you can find on this site.

Happy shower!

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