Free Printable First Birthday Party Invitations for Little Boys and Girls

First birthday party invitations are a great way to let people know they’re invited to your child’s party, and these baby invitations can actually set the tone for the entire party.

You can create birthday invitations or make birthday cards fairly easily, and these personalized baby invitations will be the perfect choice for you to invite others to the special day of your first child.

It won’t require as much work as you might expect to make these printable birthday invitations, so have fun with it as you plan the perfect birthday party for your little one!

If you’d like to use some premade printable invitations for your kid’s first big ONE, feel free to pick among those you find on this page or other pages.

Please note that all invitations on this site are for private use only.

Free Printable 1st Birthday Invitations Gallery

Let’s start with this gallery with a few cute animal birthday invites.

Cute Elephant Birthday Invitation

This theme is great for both boys and girls πŸ™‚

Cute elephant invitation for the very first birthday.

The image size of this invitation is 15 cm x 8,95 cm in 300 dpi. This means that even though it looks small on the screen it’s all ready to print and in a nice high quality.

First Birthday Party Invitation with Fire Spewing Dragon

This theme is probably a bit more boyish than it is girlish – or maybe it does fit both sexes. You be the judge πŸ™‚

First birthday party invitation for boys. A cute dragon spewing fire.

Image size of this invite is 13 cm x 9,6 cm in 300 dpi also very high resolution good to print.

The Ever So Popular Ladybird or Ladybug Birthday Theme

The ladybug birthday theme is a very popluar one among girls and it’s fun too. For instance let your decorations and food get inspired by this birthday party invitation … dots, dots and dots … everywhere πŸ™‚

Sweet ladybird or ladybug birthday invitation for girls.

Image size is 15 cm x 10,19 cm in 300 dpi.

The Hooting Owl Birthday Party Invitation

Here is yet another very popular first birthday invitation theme: the hooting owl πŸ™‚

Fun birthday invitation for kids with hooting owl and balloon.

The image size of this printable birthday invitation is 13 cm x 10,4 cm in 300 dpi.

Now let’s move on to another quite different theme – retro vintage birthday invitations πŸ™‚

The Boy and the Birds – Retro Vintage First Birthday Party Invitation

I quite like this example of first birthday party invitations myself. It’s simple, clean and elegant with a few splashes of color as it is a kids birthday invitation afterall.

You may notice that there is no prewritten ‘to’ and ‘from’ etc. However, don’t despair. You can just print it out and write it all on the other side of the card.

Oldstyle retro vintage theme on 1st birthday invite: little boy and birds making music.

Image size is a bit unusual: 15 cm x 7,7 cm in 300 dpi.

Printable Retro Vintage Birthday Invite for Girls – Little Girl in Mud Puddle

Simple and elegant like the boy vintage birthday invitation above.

Little girl in the mud. Cute retro vintage style birthday invitation.

Image size is 15 cm x 8,25 cm in 300 dpi.

Fun Birthday Invitation as a Plane Ticket, Boarding Pass

This is a really fun printable first birthday invitation. Just fill in the blanks and you’re on your way. Put in the birthday child’s name where it says ‘Happy Birthday Airlines by’ πŸ™‚

Plane ticket and boarding pass for first birthday party invitation.

Image size is 15 cm x 6,36 cm in 300 dpi.

Little Girl Ninja First Birthday Invite

If your is nothing like ‘princess’, this birthday ninja theme migh be right up your alley. πŸ™‚

Pink and black ninja girl birthday invitation theme.

The image size of this first birthday party invitation is 15 cm x 10,19 cm in 300 dpi all free and ready to print.

Little Boy Ninja Theme for 1st Birthday

And here goes the same kind of cute birthday invite, just for boys.

Cute kids 1st birthday invite with little boy ninja.

Image size is 15 cm x 9,64 cm in 300 dpi.

Birthday Flower Theme – Insert Photos in Flowers

This is probably an invite for a girl’s birthday. The clever thing about this personalized invitation is that you can choose to insert pictures of your little one inside the circle of the flowers. Or you can leave them be. Up to you. πŸ™‚

Personalized birthday flower invitation: Glue in photos of your baby.

Image size is 14 cm x 10.06 cm in 300 dpi.

Printable Birthday Invitation – Insert Photo in the Balloon

This is yet another free personalized 1st birthday invitation. Inside the balloon you can insert a cute photo of your kid.

Birthday invitation for the big ONE. All free and printable.

The size of the image is 15 cm x 6,66 cm in 300 dpi.

Cute Monster Theme for Birthday Invite

We all love our little ones although sometimes they do make us think of monsters … in a nice way of course. Here is a sweet montster invitation for that first birthday.

Cute monster birthday invitation to print. Celebrating the first birthday.

Image size is 14 cm x 9,49 cm in 300 dpi.

Little Summer Boy Birthday Theme

This is a great invitation to use during the summer when it’s hot and you can make a party with water and splashes outside.

Summer theme for birthday invites. Little boy ready to go swimming.

The size of this image is 15 cm x 10,2 cm in 300 dpi.

Tips for First Birthday Invitations

When making kids birthday party invitations, it’s important that you do it right. The good news is that there is no β€œright way” to do it, so it’s entirely up to you and your level of creativity!

You can have fun making all kinds of crazy printable birthday party invitations and baby invitations, and you can experiment with a number of styles until you find the one that will be just right for your child and your party.

If you’re planning to make your own invitations, here are some things to keep in mind:

Invite the Important People

You may want to keep the party small, as a large party may make baby fussy and grumpy.

Babies don’t always like large or loud gatherings, so it’s recommended that you only invite a few people. Make sure that your family is invited, and consider which of your friends will be the best to invite.

It’s important that you have fun – it’s about you as well as about baby – so invite the friends that you want to be around, as well as the friends that have babies the same age as your little one. However, it is very important that you keep the gathering fairly small, so limit yourself to only the important people.

Plan the Schedule Properly

When you send out the first birthday party invitations and first birthday invitations, you’re going to have to include all the relevant details – most importantly the schedule.

Babies aren’t going to have energy for a party that lasts hours on end, but no doubt they will get fussy if they get too tired. Make sure that you consider the best time to have the party, depending on when baby is tired and naps.

If baby is happiest immediately after nap, have the party in the afternoon. If you want to enjoy the party more, you may want to do it just before baby’s nap. That way the little one can enjoy some of the party and celebration, and then they will sleep through the rest – freeing you up to enjoy as much as you can.

Print Plenty of First Birthday Party Invitations

One very important thing to remember is to print more than enough invitations. If you just print exactly enough, there is always the risk that you will run short – thanks to spilled water, baby’s spit-up, or some other unforeseen circumstance that always comes up with these events.

However, if you have a few extra, you will always have enough no matter what happens! You will also be able to keep at least one extra invitation to put in your baby’s scrapbook, allowing you to cherish this memory of baby’s first birthday party.

Send Them Out Early

If you are using the postal service to send out the invitations, it’s important that you send them out at least three weeks in advance.

That way the post will arrive at least two weeks before the party, and the guests will be able to RSVP and plan for the birthday party without having to make any last minute changes to their schedule.

It will also give you time to check up on each guest, ensuring that they actually received the invitation and are coming. You will be able to shop accordingly, which will be much easier than buying a bunch of stuff for an unknown number of guests.

Use these tips to help you make the baby invitations just right, as they will make it easier for you to plan the party AND the invitations both.

Baby Invitations: What Should Go On the Invitation?

When writing your first birthday party invitations, it can be hard to know what to put on the card. You may not be a writer that can pen flowery words and poetry β€œcordially inviting honored guests to partake in the celebratory repast for the child of thy loins…”

However, the birthday card wording is actually simple – we’ll deal with that on another page – but you should remember to add a few important things when writing up your child’s first birthday party invitations:

  • The Name – The birthday boy or girl’s name needs to go on the card. Some people like to put the baby’s full name, as that ensures that the guests know exactly who is being celebrated. Other parents prefer just to put the name that everyone knows the baby by, as it Is fairly obvious who the child being celebrated really is.
  • The Date – This is a very important thing to add to your card, as your guests need to know exactly when the party is. You should put the day of the week, the day of the month, the month, and the year (though the last one isn’t all that necessary and can be omitted if you want), as that will help the guests to plan their week or weekend.

    Many people forget that β€œthe 15th falls on a Saturday this month”, and so they plan for the wrong day. By adding both the date and the day of the month, you avoid this problem.

  • The Time – Seeing as your party is for a small child, it’s important that guests know when to arrive at the party and how long the party lasts. You aren’t going to party late into the night with a little one, and the truth is that your party won’t usually last more than a couple of hours due to the fact that baby is guaranteed to get very tired.

    By including the time of the party, you make sure that all the guests know exactly when to arrive and when to leave.

  • The Location – If you are having the party at your house, most of the people attending the party will already know where you live.

    However, it’s still important that you include the address of your house on the invitation, as that will be useful for those who have never visited your home before. If you are having the party at a party hall, you will need to not only include the address, but also the name of the hall. The same is true if you are going to be eating at a restaurant.

    It can be hard for people to find just a street number, but it will make it easier if they are looking for both a street number and a sign for the hall or restaurant.

  • The Contact Info – No doubt you want the people invited to let you know if they’re coming or not, and you will need to provide people with some way to RSVP. Most of the RSVPs sent out in the past have been through the regular mail service, but you may just want to provide an email address or phone number where you can be contacted.

    This will be easier, as that way you will be able to know who is and isn’t coming without having to sort through a number of invitations sent back to you.

  • The Theme – If your party is going to have a theme, it’s important that your guests know about it beforehand. Some themes will be easier for your guests to prepare for, such as a colored theme or a theme of a certain pattern.

    However, if you are going to go with a jungle theme, a Disney theme, a costume party theme, or some other theme that is a bit more complex, you will need to give your guests a heads up so they can be prepared.

  • The Other Info – You can let parents know that you will have someone to baby sit, or remind them to bring a babysitter for their child.

    You can inform them that the kids will be playing outdoors, or that there will be certain types of foods – important for parents with children that have food allergies. You can add any other information to your child’s first birthday invitations if you think that it will be relevant.

Now you know what you need to add to the first birthday invitations, along with the birthday phrases and happy birthday messages that you are using for the main part of the invitation. It will be very easy to make your card – the hardest part is picking the theme, really – and as long as you include this information, you will be sure to let your guests know everything they need to know.

More Things You’ll Need to Know…

Here are some things that you may want to keep in mind when planning your child’s party:

Plan the Party Well Ahead of Time

Planning any party is going to take a lot of work, so it’s important that you take the time to plan it well before it actually comes time to do the shopping.

You’re going to have to decide on the theme of the party beforehand in order to send out the invitations, so you will need to sit down at least a month before the date of the party and plan everything out. It’s important that you do this, as it will ensure that you don’t run into any last minute snags or obstacles.

Invite Only Smaller Kids

If you have friends that have both younger and older kids, it may be wise to recommend that they get a babysitter for their older children – or even to leave them at home. You want only smaller kids to be in your party, as the party is made for toddlers and babies. Older kids may require not only a lot more attention, but they will change the energy of the party. But it all depends on what you want!

Check Online for Invitations

There are many great invitations that you can find online, and it may be a whole lot easier for you to download and print out these invitations rather than having to make them yourself.

You may find that a quick Google search will bring up a host of baby invitations that you can download and print out for free, or you can pay a few dollars for and make as many copies as you want. Not only will this be a cheaper idea for you, but it will save you a lot of time.

Have Some Games Planned

Even though babies at the age of 1 aren’t moving around a whole lot, it’s important to have a few birthday games planned. It will ensure that you have something to do with the parents and babies should they start getting fussy, and will help you to fill a bit of time when trying to finish up the cake or some food to serve.

Keep the Menu Simple

If get into making elaborate dishes for your party, you’ll just end up stressed from all the work you’ll need to do. It’s best just to keep the dishes as simple as possible, using only simple ingredients to make tasty finger foods.

Parents with small children aren’t going to have a whole lot of time to stand around and eat, but they will have to grab things on the go while chasing after their crawling toddler. Finger foods are much easier, and will make it more enjoyable for the parents who can only steal a few minutes to grab a bit of food.

Good luck and happy party planning!

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