13 Cute and Unique Kids Birthday Party Invitations for You to Print for Free

Looking for fun kids birthday party invitationskids birthday party invitations to print? Look no further. Here on this page you’ll find 13 fun birthday themed invites all ready for you to print for your child’s birthday. If you don’t find the perfect printable invite on this page, you might get lucky on this page instead. 🙂

Cute Puppy Birthday Invitation for Kids

Printable birthday invitation with cute puppy and paw prints.

This birthday party invitation has an image size of 15 cm x 10,78 cm in 300 dpi, which makes it ideal for print both in terms of size and image quality.

Space Theme 1: Planets and Stars

Space and planets birthday party invitation to print.

This high resolution space themed birthday invite is 15 cm x 10,61 cm in 300 dpi.

Space Theme 2: Space Rocket Birthday Invite

Space rocket birthday invitation.

This space rocket kids birthday party invitation is 15 cm x 12,05 cm also in 300 dpi.

Tea Party Birthday Invite for Girls

Pretty tea party birthday invitation.

This is probably one of the more girly invitations on this page. The tea party invite is 17 cm x 9,77 cm in 300 dpi.

Pirate Birthday Party Invitation with Possible Treasure Hunt

Pirate birthday party invite with potential treasure hunt.

If you’re planning a scavenger hunt on the birthday, this high print quality pirate invite with a treasure map might suit you perfectly. Image size is 15 cm x 10,63 cm in 300 dpi.

Scavenger Hunt Birthday Invitation with Treasure Map

Scavenger hunt birthday invitation with treasure map to print.

This invitation is also ideal if you’re planning a scavenger hunt on your kid’s birthday. Size of the invitation is 15 cm x 11,29 cm in 300 dpi.

Colorful Clown Birthday Invite to Print

Colorful clown birthday party invitation.

In this personalized birthday invitation you need to add your kids name and birthday age after it says, “You’re invited to”. Image size is 15 cm x 11,68 cm in 300 dpi.

Birthday Invitation for Easter Egg Hunt Featuring Cute Chickens

Easter egg hunt birthday invitation with chickens.

If your kid has his or her birthday during Easter doing an egg hunt might be a good idea. Also this cute printable birthday invitation might be ideal. After it says, “Join us for an Easter egg hunt as we celebrate” you write your kid’s name and birthday age.

Image size is 17 cm x 10,87 cm in 300 dpi.

Dinosaur Theme 1: Carnotaurus

Dinasaur birthday invitation with a carnotaurus.

This dinosaur birthday invite should excite all boys. For the more nerdy of you, I can inform you that it is a carnotaurus. All you need to do after you’ve printed it is writing your kid’s name after “time” and his birthday age after “turning”. Print size is 16 cm x 10,62 cm in 300 dpi.

Dinosaur Theme 2

Realistic dinosaur on birthday invitation for boys.

Image size is 15 cm x 11,25 cm in 300 dpi.

Hawaii Birthday Invite

Hawaii hula girl birthday invite.

This Hawaiian printable birthday invitation with a hula girl dancing is great theme for a summer birthday party.

Size of image is 15 cm x 10,8 cm in 300 dpi.

Soccer Birthday Invitation for Sporty Kids

Soccer football birthday invitation.

Is your kid crazy about soccer? How about throwing a soccer themed birthday party using this invitation of a football field and a soccer ball? After it says, “big” you write the birthday age of your kid and after “for” you write the name of your kid.

Print size is 15 cm x 10,62 cm in 300 dpi.

Wild West Birthday Invitation with Rodeo Cowboy

Wild West Cowboy Birthday Invitation.

How about a ‘wanted’ poster as a fun birthday invitation. After it says, “Saddle up for” you write your kid’s name and birthday age. This Wild West invite is 15 cm x 10,65 cm in 300 dpi.

Beyond the Invitations

Planning a child’s birthday party goes beyond the kids birthday party invitations design using happy birthday clipart or pictures. The truth is that a lot of hard work goes into planning your child’s special day, and it’s important that you plan the day properly.

Yes, the baby invitations and first birthday invitations are important, but there is a lot more that needs to be done than just make birthday cards and make your own invitations for your child’s birthday. The personalized birthday invitations or 1st birthday party invitations are one small item on a long list of things you’ll need to plan.

Some Fun Ideas for Your Child’s Party

So, it has come time to plan not only the invitations, but also to plan the rest of the party. Not sure what needs to be done?

It can be hard to come up with all the games, party ideas, fun party favors, food ideas, and all the rest – all things that will be an important part of your child’s very special day. If you don’t know what to do, below are some creative ideas that you can use to help you make your child’s day as special as possible:

Food Ideas

When it comes to planning a party for kids, the food is usually the most important thing. However, if your party is probably going to be only for kids between the ages of 1 and 2, the food will be more important for the parents than for the kids.

The parents will usually bring the baby food along with them, and even if the kids are eating solid foods, it will probably be simple. If you want to serve something for the little ones, you may want to consider baby friendly foods like veggie sticks, cheese, cherry tomatoes, etc.

For the parents, why not consider serving a bunch of mini dishes? Most people love mini dishes, and they can be a whole lot of fun for you to bake! Try whipping out a batch of some mini hot dogs (you can try pig in a blanket if you want) some mini pizzas (use small pieces of bread and make pan pizzas) or even some mini hamburgers (you’ll have to make them yourself)!

Parents will love these mini dishes, and they are guaranteed to make your party a whole lot more enjoyable for all the hungry parents.

Party Game Ideas: Balloon Soccer and Freeze Dance

Party games will definitely spice things up, both for the parents and for the little kids who will be playing them. If you have kids that are old enough to walk around, you can play Balloon Soccer with all of the kids.

The game will just be a bunch of balloons on the floor, with two goals at either end of the room. Divide the babies up into two teams (with parents helping the little ones, of course), and have the babies kick the balloons into the goalposts. It will be fun for the babies to be able to kick around the balls, and it will have all the adults laughing as well!

For those with babies that aren’t able to get around under their own steam yet, you can play a game of Freeze Dance. The parents simply hold the babies in their arms, dance with them as the music plays, and then freeze when the music stops. It will be a fun game that the little ones will love, as all babies love to dance. You will find that this game will be a hit with your party guests.

Preparation Ideas

It’s important to get the party room ready for the big event, and decorating it is one of the most important things that you can do. Remember that you want to decorate it according to the theme of your party, so make sure to get decorations that will match with the theme properly.

Usually you can buy the decorations at any party store, so go shopping and look around to see what items are available before officially deciding what the theme of your party will be. That way you can be sure that the decorations are available.

It’s best to shop for decorations a few weeks before the party is to take place, as that way you can be certain that you have all of the items that you need to decorate your party room. If you don’t remember to do the shopping, you may end up missing a few items – which you will have to run out for on the day of the party.

If the store is out of those items or they’re no longer in stock, you’re going to be in a bit of a bind. By shopping for all of the party items well in advance, you’re ready for the big day when it comes.

Decorating Ideas

Decorating can be fun, so go nuts with the decorations. One of the best ideas for decorating your room is having a bit banner running across the room with “Happy Birthday X(birthday person’s name)” hanging in big, brightly colored capital letters.

You can easily make this yourself, as you can use a thick colored or black marker and a number of pieces of printer paper to write out the letters of the banner. You can then make a paper chain (lots of fun!), and staple each of the letters to the chain – which will then be strung across the room.
If you really want to get creative, you may want to try using static electricity to hold the balloons onto the wall.

All you’ll need to do is rub the balloons against a sweater or carpet for 30 to 60 seconds per balloon, and they should stick onto the wall no problem. They may not stay up as long as you might want, so you can consider using tape if you absolutely must have the balloons stay up – you can always use them for a game if you don’t want to tape them.

Invitation Ideas

Making your own birthday invitations is a challenge, especially if you aren’t as good at using computers as you might want. You can easily make an invitation using Microsoft Publisher, as the program comes with a host of templates and card ideas that you can use to help be the guide for your card.

Coming up with the creative invitation idea is where the real challenge is, so it’s important to consider carefully when thinking of what to do for the birthday invitation.

One great idea for the invitation is to make each invitation on a single piece of card paper, and then cut each invitation up into small puzzle pieces. Pack each puzzle into an envelope, and send them off to invite your guests through this fun invitation.

Another good idea is to have your child put their handprints on each birthday invitation, using finger paints to help you give the invitations the seal of approval. All you have to do is wait for the paint to dry, write the appropriate information on the card, and send it off!

Birthday Card Ideas

The birthday card is something that will be more special for you than for your little one, as most babies don’t really understand the function of the birthday card. You, however, will want to keep the birthday card in your little one’s scrap book, so it’s important that you make the card as cute as possible.

If you are having a themed party, you may want to make the card in the style of that theme, as that way you will always be able to remember that first birthday party just by looking at that card.

One great idea for a birthday card is to use a photo of your little one. You can use any computer program to help you do this, though Publisher works best. Put a picture of your child in the card, make a nice frame around it, and at the bottom of the picture put a text box with an opaque fill.

You can then write text on the card, and you will be able to read the text while still being able to see the adorable picture of your little one. This is a creative card idea, but it will be fairly easy to do.

Tips for Making the Best Invitations

Trying to make your own birthday cards and invitations is a challenge, as it can be a whole lot of hard work to try and create birthday invitations and cards if you don’t know how to use computer programs.

However, even if you do understand how to use these various programs, it’s important that you use a few important graphic design principles to help you make the best printable birthday party invitations:

  • Don’t try to make it too complex – Unless you are a graphic designer, don’t try to make the birthday card too complex with too many different artistic details and flourishes. It is probable that your card will look too full of cluttered, so just keep it as simple as possible in order to make it easy to read all the details.
  • Don’t make them too big – One thing to keep in mind is that you are going to be trying to send them out in envelopes, so they’re going to have to fit in a standard size envelope to make them easy to mail. You may want to purchase the envelopes ahead of time, as that way you can be certain to make the card the right size to fit easily for mailing.
  • Make the information clear – It’s important that the recipients of the invitations know what to expect from the party, so you need to lay out the information as clearly as possible. Make sure the guests know who the party is for, what time it’s at, what the location is, what day it will be, and all the rest. Making the information clear is an important part of avoiding birthday SNAFUs.
  • Get the right paper – If you are going to be making birthday invitations, it’s important that you get thicker paper. Printing the invitations out on regular printer paper may be cheaper, but it won’t look as good when the recipient receives them. It’s best to use this thicker paper, as it makes the invitations look more professional.
  • Don’t spend all your time making them – Don’t worry if your invitation isn’t coming out as professionally as you might like. You can’t spend all of your time making the invitations, as you have many other things you need to get to. If it isn’t working to make your own, you may just want to download or purchase some invitations to print out and use for your party. Time is money!
  • Try and avoid handwritten text – One important thing to keep in mind is that writing on 10 to 20 invitations will not only be time consuming, but it will be exhausting as well. Your hand is going to ache when you’re done, and you can save yourself a whole lot of time by just writing it out on a piece of paper once and scanning the text. Quickly fix up the text in Photoshop or Paint, add the text to your card, and print it out as many times as you want for a digital handwritten card.

These are just a few tips to help you make the best card possible, but the truth is that there is so much that goes into making your own birthday invitations that it can be hard to make your own.

If you aren’t sure you know how to create birthday invitations yourself, it may just be time to find a free printable birthday card – or even one that you have to pay for. As the parent of an active 1 year old, time is something you probably don’t have a lot of, so don’t spend all of your time trying to make the perfect card.

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