How to Make Your Own Birthday Invitations Step by Step: Making Birthday Cards Fun and Easy

If you want to make your own birthday invitations, you may find that it’s not actually as hard as you thought.

Making birthday cards and baby invitations can be fun, and it will help you to expand your knowledge of the computer and programs like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, or even Adobe Photoshop if you really want to get fancy!

To make birthday cards will take time, but you can create birthday cards invitations or make own invitations without having to do too much more than just fiddling around with the simple computer programs you already have installed on your PC.

Tips to Make Your Own Birthday Invitations and Kids Birthday Party Invitations

When making your own kids birthday party invitations, personalized birthday invitations, or 1st birthday party invitations, it’s important that you keep a few things in mind:

1) Size Does Matter … When It Comes to Kids Birthday Party Invitations πŸ˜‰

A postcard sized birthday invitation can be very convenient to make if you don’t have a lot of time, as cards or invitations of this size won’t need to be decorated as much – the text will occupy most of the space.

Larger cards, on the other hand, will give you the option of adding decorations, pictures, and fancy embellishments, though they will require a bit more skill with graphic design and layout.

So when you are to make your own birthday invitations, consider which size is best according to your skill levels, and work with a template of the right size.

2) Printing Isn’t Cheap

Printing is not cheap in large quantities: Picture of a printer with a dollar signPrinting out your cards at home can actually cost you more than printing them out at a professional print store.

Remember that your printer only has a limited amount of colored ink, and you will probably use it all printing the 20 or 30 birthday invitations that you will be sending out.

If you want to save a bit of money when you make your own birthday invitations, you may find that doing an online search for discount printing shops will be a good choice for you. You can find coupons that will save you a lot of money, and will make it easier for you to print them out without spending a fortune.

3) Don’t Spend Too Much Time

No doubt you are the kind of person that wants to do everything yourself, as that’s why you’ve come to the Make Your Own Birthday Invitations page to learn how to do it yourself.

If you are going to work on the invitations, make sure not to invest too much time into it. There may come a time when you’ll have to say, “Well, I tried, but making birthday invitations just isn’t something I’m good at.”

It may cost a bit more to download and print out printable birthday party invitations, but there are plenty of free printable birthday cards and invitations that you can find and print out.

4) Keep it Simple … Remember, Minimalistic Is Posh πŸ˜‰

When you are to make your own birthday invitations, there is no doubt that you will be tempted to try and design a fancy card like you see in gift shops or online catalogues.

If you’re really creative you might make your own birthday invitations even more pretty than the ones, you can buy, but for many people who have a great idea, the result most often don’t turn out like what they imagined.

So when you are to make your own birthday invitations, stay on the minimalistic route and avoid trying too hard to design a fancy card, but just keep it simple.

A simple design is easy to make nice, and it will be easier to fix up if there is something wrong with the layout.

How to Make Your Own Invitations … Step by Step Instructions with Microsoft Publisher

To make your own birthday invitations, you don’t need a lot. Making your own invitations is actually fairly simple, and here you can learn how to make your own invitations using Microsoft Publisher:

Step 1 – Open Microsoft Publisher

How to make your own birthday invitations in Microsoft Publisher: step one, Open the program

To make your own birthday invitations you open Microsoft Publisher. You will find it in the Start Menu, after clicking on All Programs and finding the Microsoft Office option.

It will be right near the bottom of the list of programs, and you can easily open it with a simple click.

Step 2 – Find the ‘Invitation Cards’ Option

How to make your own birthday invitations in Microsoft Publisher: step 2: Find the Invitation Cards option.

When the program opens, you will be given a wide range of options of blank pages or standard templates to choose from.

Scroll down until you find the More Templates option, and look for the Invitation Cards option on the list.

Step 3: Look at All the Available Templates

How to make your own birthday invitations in Microsoft Publisher: step three: look at the templates shown.

After clicking on the Invitation Cards option, a new page will open and show you all of the available templates that you can use to make your own birthday invitations.

There are certain templates that are installed on your computer, while some of the templates are only available from Office’s online catalogs.

These birthday templates are all free, but you will need to be connected to the internet to access some of them.

Step 4: Find the Invitation Cards Template You Like

How to make your own birthday invitations in Microsoft Publisher: step four: Find the template you like.

Check the list of invitations and birthday cards until you find a template that you like, and click on it.

There are only a few options of already designed birthday cards, but there are many simple templates that will serve as a guide for you when you make your own birthday invitations.

If you like the style of a card but don’t like the color, click on it and adjust the colors.

Step 5: Fiddle with the Colors, Font and Borders

How to make your own birthday invitations in Microsoft Publisher: step five a: Find the colors you like.

To adjust the color of a shape or object on the card, all you will need to do is click on the object, select Format Picture or Format Text Box, and navigate to the Colors and Lines tab.

How to make your own birthday invitations in Microsoft Publisher: step five b: choose your writing font.

You can change the color of the item by selecting the Fill option, or you can change the border of the picture by selecting the Lines option.

To change the color of style of the text, you will need to click on the text box and select all the text inside.

To do this, simply click twice on the text box, and press Control + A to select everything inside the box. Right click with your mouse, and select the options on the text formatting menu.

Step 6: Adding Bits to Personalize Your Birthday Invitations

If you want to make your own birthday invitations and cards look extra fancy, you may want to add some nifty pictures of your child, some clip art from the internet, or random pictures that you find and download.

All you will need to do is save them to your computer and drag and drop them into the window that you’re working with, or you can actually drag and drop them directly into the window from the internet page without having to download them.

Step 7: Adjust the Size of Your Card

How to make your own birthday invitations in Microsoft Publisher: step seven: Adjust the size of your card.

In order to adjust the size of the picture, you can use the 8 little shapes you find around the item.

The four circles on the corners will help you to expand the pictures evenly, while the two squares on the top and bottom and the two on the sides will help you to expand them in only that direction.

You can also use the green circle above the picture to rotate it, allowing you to change the angle of the picture.

Step 8: Save Your Birthday Card

How to make your own birthday invitations in Microsoft Publisher: step eight: Save your birthday card.

Once you have added pictures and made adjustments to the card as desired, it’s time to save it.

But first, it’s important to be certain that the card follows all the guide lines and boundaries that the page already has integrated into it. Make sure to check, as anything outside the boundaries will be eliminated when you print the cards.

To save the card, simply press Control + S or click on File, and Save. You will be presented a number of options for saving your card, and it’s important that you choose the right ones.

If you save it as a Publisher file, you will be able to continue making edits and changing it as desired.

If you are ready to print it out, save it as a PDF – the universal format that works on every computer. Just remember, you can’t make any edits with PDF, so only save it as PDF once you’re sure you’re ready to print.

See, it’s not that hard to make your own printable birthday invitations and first birthday invitations, and it doesn’t take a long time to learn how to do it.

Sure, it will take a bit of practice to get good at using Microsoft Publisher, but all of the tools are easily visible – especially in Microsoft Office 2010 and later versions.

It will be quick and easy, and your birthday card and baby invitations will be ready to go in no time at all!

Here my My Result From this Make Your Own Birthday Invitations Session

Feel free to use this as a free printable kids birthday party invitation πŸ™‚
Example of free printable birthday party invitations template: Cute elefant with hat, gift and a cake with a candle in.

Tips for Being the Hostess of a Baby’s Birthday Party

Silly drawing of a baby and his first birthday. The baby is holding two ballons and a cake while covered in chocolate and wearing a hat.Now that the process of how to make your own birthday invitations is done, it is time to focus on planning the party.

Being the hostess of a baby’s birthday party is going to be a challenge, as you are going to be inviting a bunch of active, potentially fussy babies over to your house. However, it’s totally worth it to throw the perfect party for your little one, so here are some tips to help you be the best hostess you can be:

Plan with Plenty of Time

When the week of the party arrives, there are going to be innumerable little setbacks that will make it nearly impossible for you to plan the perfect party. If you wait until then, you may get stressed and go crazy.

It’s always best to plan well ahead of time, and get most of the shopping out of the way weeks before the party is planned. That way you will have plenty of time to find the things that you are missing.

Choose Easy, Tasty, and Simple Recipes

You don’t want to spend hours slaving over a hot stove just to serve your guests, so keep the recipes as simple and easy as possible.

There are many delicious recipes that you can try, and you will find that simple things like Pigs in a Blanket, Mini Pizzas, and other simple and clean finger foods will be the best way to spoil your guests without your having to work too hard.

Get Some Help When Planning the Party

Happy woman planning a party with her calendar.If you can’t do it all – and you can’t – you will feel stressed when you’re the only one doing all the work at the party.

It’s important that you get help, both from your spouse and from friends and family. Get someone to watch the little one for you, as that will free you up to focus on the party.

Have your spouse pick up some of the supplies, leaving you free to make the invitations and all the decorations.

Set an Appropriate Mood with the Right Music

Music will make your party, so buy a good CD full of kids music – or just download it from iTunes.

You will find that there are many great kids CDs will great tunes for kids, both for parties and for games.

Walk Around and Greet Everyone

This will be an important part of being the hostess, but it will also give you a few minutes free from having to do anything.

You will have a moment to slow down and breathe, and you will be able to talk and have fun with your guests. It’s important that you stop working and preparing and setting up and caring for the baby and running around and doing everything that needs to be done, so take a moment to stop, slow down, and mingle with your guests.

Have Backups on Everything

When throwing any kind of party, there will always be emergency situations when you will need to have two or three extras of something.

For this party with babies, it’s best to have a backup on everything, so you won’t have to rush out because a toddler pulled the cake off the counter, you run out of snacks, or you don’t have any more diapers.

Keep the Food and Drinks Apart

It’s important that you keep the beverages on a different table than the food is on, as that will save you from having to clean up massive messes that include soggy food items.

There are babies at this party, so there is guaranteed to be at least a spilled drink or two. By putting the drinks on a different table, you are making it much less likely for your food to be ruined by those spilled drinks.

Have a Seat for Everyone

No doubt the parents are going to get tired of carrying the little ones around, so make sure to have a few seats where parents can sit down and take a load off.

Using Decorations the Right Way

The decorations for your party will be important, as they will help to set the tone for the party. Some of the best decorations that you can find will include:

A Party Banner

Happy birthday party banner - purple with flowers.Find a large banner saying “Happy Birthday” and string it across one wall, with the letters of your child’s name pasted on the wall beneath it.


Colorful balloons for the 1st birthday party.Regular round balloons can be a whole lot of fun to hang all over your house, or long balloons can be turned into fun and decorative shapes.

Just remember to keep them out of the reach of the little ones, as they will want to bite them.


Colorful party streamers and confetti for the first birthday party.Colored streamers can be placed all over the house, or you can even make your own paper chains to
run around the doorways and to the corners of the room.

Party Items

You are going to need a bunch of plates, cups, and other party items, as that will help you to have an easier time cleaning up after the party – no need to wash dishes!

Keep the party items festive and colorful, and they will actually help to enhance the dΓ©cor of the room where the party will be held.

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