Free Personalized Birthday Invitations to Print and How to Throw a Birthday Party for Kids

For those making personalized birthday invitations, it can be fun to think of all the unique and exciting things that you are going to do for your party.

When it comes time to actually do those things, however, it may be a lot harder than you might expect. That’s the joy of a party, though, as you can go all out and have fun being as creative and clever as you want. You will find that throwing a party for your kids is a great way to celebrate them, so it’s important that you find fun and creative things to do.

Making your own printable birthday invitations, kids birthday party invitations, baby invitations, and first birthday invitations can be lots of fun, but rest assured that it will be a lot of work. The truth is that coming up with a first birthday invitation and party theme can be a lot of hard work, so it’s important that you know exactly what you need to do. Use the tips and techniques below to help you as you plan your child’s first birthday the right way!

10 Printable High Resolutions Birthday Invitations for Kids

First of all you need invitations for your party. And printing them is about the easiest and cheapest way to do. How about seeing if you can find an invitation below that will fit your kid’s birthday party theme.

All of the below birthday invitations are personalized in the sense that you write in your kid’s name.

Cute Birthday Invitation with Bugs to Print

Cute birthday invitation for kids with bugs.

This invitation with a spider, snail and caterpillar is all ready for you to print. It and all the below invites already has the right printing size so you really don’t need to adjust anything. Just print. 🙂

When you’ve printed, all you need to do is fill out the card. Where it says “it’s” you just write in your kid’s name and birthday age. The other blank spots to fill out are hopefully self explanatory.

Image size is: 15 cm x 10,61 cm in 300 dpi (which is high resolution so it looks good on paper).

Printable Cupcake Birthday Invite for Girls

Cupcake birthday invitation for girls to print.

This rather girly invitation is 15 cm x 10,61 in 300 dpi.

Magical Wizard Birthday Invitation to Print

Birthday invitation for kids featuring a wizard.

Abra cadabra… this free printable invitation is ideal if you’re thinking of throwing a birthday with a magic theme. Size of the invitation is 15 cm x 11,23 in 300 dpi.

Cute Green Frog Birthday Invite

Cute frog birthday invitation for kids.

After it says, “Leap on over for” you write the name of the birthday child and the birthday age.

Image print size is: 15 cm x 13,22 in 300 dpi.

Pretty Mermaid Birthday Invitation for Girls

Mermaid invite for girls in pink colors.

This mermaid invite is kept in the simple modern retro style. Size of the invite is 15 cm x 11,07 cm in 300 dpi.

Personalized Birthday Invite with Balloons

Birthday invitation to print with balloons

Image size is 15 cm x 11,07 cm in 300 dpi.

Cute Teddy Bear Birthday Invite

Cute teddy bear birthday invite to print.

After it says, “Join us for a beary special time as we celebrate” you write the name of the birthday child and the birthday age. The print size of the invite is 15 cm x 11,02 cm in 300 dpi.

Robot Birthday Invitation to Print

Free printable birthday invite with robot and cog wheels.

This birthday invite is 15 cm x 10,96 cm in 300 dpi.

Cute Little Pony Birthday Invite

Cute little pony on printable birthday invitation for girls.

Size of image is 15 cm x 11,07 cm in 300 dpi.

Cute Penguin with Birthday Hat

Cute Penguin birthday invitation free and printable.

When it says, “Join us to celebrate” you are to write the name of the birthday child and the birthday age.

Print size is 15 cm x 11,1 cm in 300 dpi.

What Else You’ll Need to Do…

It’s essential that you take plenty of time to plan your party, as you are going to need a lot of time to fix any issues that come up – and you know that they will! You should start planning this party at least a month before it’s scheduled to start, as that way you can be certain that you have the time to do everything that needs to get done.

Here are some things to keep in mind when planning your child’s party:

  1. Make it in a familiar place – Babies tend to get fussy when they are in new places, as they don’t always like being outside of their comfort zone. If you want the party to go as smoothly as possible, make sure that you do it someplace where baby is comfortable. Your home is usually the best place for the party, though you may also want to consider doing it at baby’s favorite place to eat.
  2. Have plenty of supplies – If there is one thing that you don’t want to happen, it is finding out that you have run out of baby supplies (diapers, bottles, etc.) in the middle of your party. It’s essential that you have planned to have more than enough baby supplies on hand, as well as party supplies. This is one of the reasons that doing a party at your home is such a good idea, as you will always have enough baby supplies for any emergency.
  3. Choose your theme – Choosing the theme of your party is important, and it’s worth giving it plenty of time and consideration in order to come up with a good theme for your party. You have many theme options, such as a character from your child’s favorite TV show, their favorite book, a stuffed animal, a sports team, etc. You can also choose fabric patterns, colors, and fancier themes if you want, but it’s important that you prepare for the theme and do research before choosing it. All the other parents will need to pick up supplies for their child, so it’s important that supplies for your theme are easily available.
  4. Set the date and time – No doubt you will want to try and have the party on your child’s first birthday, but seeing as the little one is so young it won’t really matter what day the party is. Try and have the party on a weekend, as that is the best way to be certain that you can enjoy the party without having to rush off to work. Set the date for the party, but also make sure that you have planned the time for the party as well. Communicate with some of your guests to see whether they would prefer the party to be before or after nap time, as that will make it easier for you to have happy babies.
  5. Plan the activities – Remember that small kids aren’t as big on activities as older kids are, as they won’t understand rules for games and they probably aren’t moving around too much if they’re still 1 year old. Plan activities for your party that are directed at the kids, as well as a few that will get the parents playing while the little ones are down for nap time. Keep in mind how active your child is, and what kind of games or activities they will enjoy.

These are a few things to keep in mind as you plan the party…

Great Birthday Invitation Ideas for Kids

Now it’s time to get cracking on the first birthday invitations. You can make your own birthday invitations if you want, and the truth is that it isn’t too challenging to make your own invitations if you have a PC with Photoshop or Microsoft Office on it.

You can create birthday invitations or make birthday cards fairly easily, as many of these programs come with standard templates that you can customize according to your preferences. It will make it a whole lot easier for you to come up with printable birthday party invitations if you use these programs.

One fun thing that you can do to make the best 1st birthday party invitations possible is to use a little rhyme or poem that will let the guests know the purpose of the party.

Here’s one simple example for the 1st birthday:

First teeth, first curls, he’s crawling around
My baby is growing by leaps and bounds.
There is one more first to celebrate
With balloons, a candle and a cake!

This is just one example of a cute little poem that you can either write yourself or find online, and will be a great way to let guests know what the party’s all about.

Once you have the wording of the invitation, it’s up to you to create the color and theme of the invitation you want. You can use all kinds of colors and patterns, and there are hundreds of ideas for cute birthday cards online.

If you don’t like the templates that you can find in Microsoft Office, you can do a search on Google Images and find the perfect birthday card or invitation. You can at least get some creative ideas, which you can then put to good use making your own birthday party invitations for kids.

What to Eat for the First Birthday Party?

Ahh, the food – one of the most challenging parts of the birthday party for any parent. The fact of the matter is that there are always going to be challenges when coming up with the party menu, as you’re going to have to take into account food allergies, degree of hunger, preferences, and so much more.

Here are some ideas and tips to keep in mind as you plan the food:

  • Remember the allergies – There are always going to be people that have sensitivities or allergies to certain foods, so make sure to ask each of the people invited to your party if they have any problems with eating food. Send an email or make calls to all the parents and guests attending the parties, and make a list of all the things that you have to avoid or be wary of using. This way you won’t have any crises during your party.
  • Split the cake – Rather than having one large cake, why not make your little one a special cake just for them, to be served along with a cake for all the guests. This can be a fun activity for your child, as they will be able to rip into the cake and tear it apart as they see fit, but you’ll still have a beautifully decorated cake for all of the other guests to enjoy.
  • Keep it simple – For the babies, it’s important that you keep all the snacks and foods as simple as possible. No doubt the kids are eating solid foods by now, meaning that you can serve graham crackers, animal crackers, and simple cookies to the kids. You can also serve some other snacks that they may enjoy, such as carrot sticks, apple slices, etc. You will find that simple food is always best when feeding little kids.
  • Make it appetizing – Parents are guaranteed to be hungry after a couple of hours of taking care of their little ones, so it’s important that you prepare good food that they can enjoy – food that tastes and looks good. You can come up with all kinds of crazy food ideas, but remember that it’s always best to stick with the simple things. Finger foods, chips and dips, and other simple things will be your best choice, as they won’t make a mess and can be eaten quickly. Avoid any dishes that could be messy, as you know that babies will make a mess – as will parents trying to eat with one hand while keeping hold of the little one with the other.
  • Keep the drinks away – One thing that’s very important is to set the drinks on a completely different table from the food. Food will usually be ruined when drinks are spilled on it, and you can bet your boots that there will be at least one or two spills. It will be a matter of simply placing all the drinks on a separate table, preferably on the other side of the room where there will be absolutely no chance of any beverages getting mixed in with the food.

These tips can help you to make your food as successful as possible, and you know just how important it can be to have food when at a party!

How to Decorate Your Child’s Party?

Decorating the party can be a challenge, especially if you haven’t come up with a specific theme – but are instead going with a more general theme like colors, shapes, alphabet, etc.

There are some basic supplies that you will need for decoration, and it’s important that you are prepared for the party with all the needed supplies.

Here are some tips to help you decorate your child’s party the right way:

  • Blanket Toy Corner – For those with smaller babies, having a place to put them down can be a real relief! You will find that setting up a toy corner for smaller babies will make it easier on the parents, so throw a few blankets on the floor in one of the rooms that are not being used for the party. The parents can take their kids there, and will find that it will be one of the best places to go when baby is getting antsy.
  • Baby Highchair Décor – Baby will already be sitting in the place of honor, but why not turn the little one’s highchair into a festive throne? You can make a simple backing for the Throne of Baby by using a bit of red velvet clothe stretched over a piece of cardboard that has been cut into the shape that you want, and you can hang any kind of decorations you want from it.
  • Baby Timeline – Mothers love to compare babies, and you will find that making a baby timeline will be one of the best things that you can do to show your baby off to the other mothers. Simply paste 12 pictures on a poster board, one picture from each month of baby’s life. You can put the date of the picture, and will be able to show off how cute your baby has grown over the last 12 months.
  • Baby Photo Album – Another pastime that mothers usually enjoy is looking at photos of babies, and no doubt you have taken hundreds – if not thousands – of pictures of your little one over the last year. You can put them all into a photo album, and you can even have people sign their birthday wishes on the pictures rather than on a birthday card.
  • Baby Outfit Décor -If your child has grown a lot over the last year, you can show just how much he or she has grown by sticking their onesies on the wall. Just like you make a timeline using pictures of the little one, so too you can make a timeline showing the growth of your little one and the evolution of their outfits by pasting the onesies.
  • Baby Height Chart – For all of the baby guests coming to the party, make it a requirement to be measured on a height chart that you place near the entrance to your home. Each parent can hold their baby to be measured, and you will write the age and name of the baby that has been measured. You can then have the babies place their handprints next to their name (using finger paint), and it will be a cute memory that will be perfect for your little one’s scrapbook of this occasion.

Use these simple decorating ideas to create the perfect décor that will make your house the best baby party hall ever!

Some Cute Party Favors

Party favors are important, as they are little mementoes that each guest will take home with them once your party is over. You will find that there are lots of great party favor ideas, and here are three cute things that you can do to send home with each person:

  • Instant Photo – If you can get your hands on an instant camera, you can take pictures of each of the guests with the birthday baby, and give them the picture to take home. If you don’t have an instant camera, use a regular digital camera and a printer to give them a reminder of their party with your little one.
  • Framed Handprints – Most of the babies at your soiree will be old enough to use finger paints, though you should make sure that they are the non-toxic kind. Have each baby put their handprint on a piece of paper, along with their name and the date. You can write a simple message on the paper – such as “Thanks for coming to our party” – and then put the picture in a simple frame for each guest to take home.
  • Customized Candies – It can be a bit costly to have customized candies made, but it will be a cute way to say thank you to your guests. Have lollipops and other candies wrapped in plastic with a little message like “Thanks for coming!” and hand them out to each of the guests as they leave.

It can be a whole lot of fun to throw your own little birthday soiree for your kid. The tips above can help you to do it right, and will give you an idea of some great ways to make your party as fun and enjoyable as possible for everyone!

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