Free Printable Birthday Invitations in Many Different Themes and Designs

Printable birthday invitations – all fun and good, but they all have to conform to the theme of your party! It’s important that you come up with a good theme for your baby’s first birthday party, as that theme will dictate exactly how you make birthday cards or create birthday invitations for your child’s birthday.

In order to help you make the best birthday party, here are some creative and fun theme ideas for you along with 14 free printable birthday invitations for kids. When you choose to print the invitations you don’t have to worry about the size or quality they all have very high print quality and perfect card size app. 10 cm x 15 cm.

Please also note, that the invitations are for private use only.

Ballerina Birthday Theme – Cute Pink Ballet Shoes

For your adorable little princess, this is probably the best theme choice for you. It will be easy for you to purchase a little ballerina outfit for your adorable little girl, and you can use all kinds of fancy ballerina decorations around your house.

An invitation can be made with the color pink, and with a cute little pair of ballerina shoes on the card.

You can even have all the kids dress up as ballerinas, and it will be adorable to see so many little prima donnas around your home.

Cute birthday invitation for girls with pink ballerina ballet shoes.

The size of this cute girly printable invitation is 15 cm x 9,05 cm in high 300 dpi resolution ideal for print.

African Safari – Elephant and Giraffe Silhouette in the Sunset

There is nothing cuter than seeing your little child dressed up in a lion, bear, or another animal costume, and setting an African Safari theme will give you an excuse to break out that costume that your child doesn’t want to wear – but that makes him look absolutely adorable.

You can be flexible with the costumes – as you don’t want all the babies to be wearing the same costumes – and you can use all kinds of crazy jungle decorations around your home.

Printable kids birthday invite with African safari theme. An elephant and giraffe silhouette.

Image size here is 15,05 cm x 11 cm in 300 dpi.

Ice Cream Birthday Invite for Kids

Rather than suffering in the heat of a summer party, you may want to cool things down with a nice ice cream themed party.

There aren’t as many decorations as you might want, but there are enough to give your home a festive touch. You can serve ice cream cake, fried ice cream, banana splits, and sundaes, which you can bet your guests will love.

You can also use the ice cream motif for the invitations for your child’s birthday invitation, and it can be a fun, tasty theme that all the adults will love!

Ice cream birthday invitation to print.

This cute ice cream invite size is 15 cm x 10,27 cm in 300 dpi.

Only One

Inviting only other little boys to your little boy’s birthday party or little girls to your little girl’s party can be a fun way to keep things all in the same gender, and can be an easy way to have a party oriented only for girls or boys.

You can have everything decorated with gender specific items, and you can design your invitation to reflect the boyish or girlish theme.

Army Birthday Invitation- Cute Soldier in Camouflage Uniform and Army Tag

For your little man, an army theme is not only absolutely adorable, but it’s actually quite easy as well.

There are many stores that sell outfits for your little man, or at least the pants and a white onesie will complete the outfit.

You can purchase some army decorations and supplies, and your army cake will be complete with little G.I. Joe soldiers. The camouflage motif for your birthday invitation can be fun to work with, e.g. using an “We Want You…” or “Please Report for Duty” style theme to invite guests to your party.

Cute little army soldier birthday invitation with camouflage theme and army tag.

After it says “Please Report for Duty to” you simply write your kid’s name. Other than that it should be pretty easy to fill out. The size of this invite is 15 cm x 10,53 in 300 dpi.

Saint Patrick’s Day Birthday Invitation

If your little one is a good Irish or their birthday is near St. Paddy’s Day, it will be an excellent theme. You can just have all of the guests come wearing at least one item of green, and you can serve green soda, green juice, a green cake in the shape of a four leaf clover, and even an invitation that is made with different shades of green.

St. Patrick's Day birthday invitation: hat with four leaved clovers.

If in doubt, after it says “Look who’s turning” you merely write the age of the birthday child. The size of this printable kids invitation is 15 cm x 9,43 cm in a high 300 dpi resolution.

Superhero Birthday Theme – Superman and Batman Invitation for Kids

There are many adorable little superhero costumes that you can purchase for your child, and it can be a great theme for your party. You can invite all of the kids to come to your “Hall of Justice” or the “Avengers Mansion” in your home, and you can serve fun snacks on DC or Marvel comic character-themed party supplies.

There are many invitations that you can find online with these theme, and it will be a great choice for parents who have a little bit of geek still left inside them.

Super hero birthday party invitation for kids: superman and batman theme.

After it says, “Calling all superheroes. Get here in a flash. It’s time to celebrate” you write the name of your kids. And then proceed to fill out the rest. Simple and easy, right?

Invitation size is 15 cm x 10,61 cm in high print quality, 300 dpi.

Arts and Crafts Birthday Invite for Kids

For those who like to get a bit creative with their hands, an arts and crafts theme is one of the best choices for you.

You can have all of your kids get down and dirty with some hand and finger paints, and you can use arts and crafts as the theme of your invitation.

Simply have your baby place their hand prints in red and blue on a piece of paper, and scan the paper to use as the birthday card.

You can have fun with the babies playing with paint, though make sure that the paint is non-toxic and that you have plenty of aprons handy to prevent the mess from getting onto the clothes.

Arts and crafts theme birthday party invite for kids.

This birthday invite with colorful splashes of paint has a printable image size of 15 cm x 11,11 cm in 300 dpi.

When filling out and personalizing the invite, you need to write your kid’s name after “Yellow, green, red and blue” and after “Come and celebrate” you need to write your kid’s name again along with how old he will become.

Sports – Ball theme on Printable Birthday Invitations

Little boys may not love sports as much as their Daddy does, but it can be a fun theme for a primarily boys party.

The little men will be able to dress up in the colors of Daddy’s favorite basketball, hockey, football, or baseball team, and all of the decorations can be sports oriented.

Whether you go with many different sports or just one, this is a great theme for a party for little boys that will one day grow up to love sports.

Sports balls birthday invitations: football, basket ball, tennis ball, snooker ball, american football, baseball.

After it says, “Come on now let’s kick some fun” you write the name of your child. And after “is turning” you write the age. Obviously if your child is turning one, it will rhyme too.

Size of invite is 15 cm x 11,14 cm in 300 dpi.

Bees and Flowers Theme for Kids Birthday Party Invitations

The little boys and little girls at this party can come dressed up, with the boys dressed as bees and the girls as flowers. You can use all kinds of decorations involving both bees and flowers, and you can use this original theme for your birthday invitation.

Flowers and bees as kids birthday theme for invites.

After it says, “Buzz on by for”, you simply write the name of the birthday kid. Other than that, the instructions should be understandable.

Size of high resolution printable invite is 17 cm x 10,22 cm in 300 dpi.


No doubt your child has a Disney character that they enjoy watching, or you may just want to get any Disney-themed party setup in order to make it easier for you. The Disney Princesses are great for little girls parties, and there are hundreds of invitations and birthday cards that you can either download or purchase in party supplies stores.

Disney heroes can also be the theme of your little boy’s party, and it can be fun to dress up your little man as Robin Hood or Aladdin.

Sleepy Time

Seeing as your child is still very young, no doubt he or she is going to be going down for a nap immediately after the party is over. All of the other babies attending the party can also come dressed for nap time, and the theme of the party can be sleepy time.

As long as you have some warm bottles of milk (formula for the very small babies) handy, it will be a great party with a simple theme.

Monsters – Cute Monsters on Kids Birthday Party Invitation

Some kids love seeing monsters, and it is a good choice for a Halloween-style party to have all of the parents and babies dress up. Obviously very small babies will not understand what is going on, but your one year old should have no problems seeing you and Daddy dressed up in a scary costumes.

You can use Halloween themed decorations, and you can make your own card using simple dark colors and items. The free printable invitation below, however, is more cute than scary.

Cute monster theme for kids birthday party invite.

In the first blank spot right after “Come and celebrate. Our little monster” you write the name of your kid. After “is turning” you write his/her birthday age.

Image size is 15 cm x 11,15 cm in 300 dpi – ideal for print.

Magic – Cute Rabbit in a Hat

Magic is something that all kids will love, and you can use it as the theme for your party. You can even make a Flash birthday invitation that makes something appear as if by magic, and you can use it as an e-vite to the birthday party.

Have a magician come and entertain and have fun magical snacks for all.

Magic themed birthday invitation for kids with cute bunny / rabbit in a black hat.

After is says, “Abracadabra. It’s a magical celebration for” you simply write the name of the birthday child and his upcoming birthday age.

Printable size is 15 cm x 10,55 in a high 300 dpi resolution.

Trucks and Cars Theme for Boys

Little boys love speeding around in their push cars, and they dream of the day when they will ride a real car. A great idea for a birthday party will be cars and trucks, and there are movies like Cars that will make it easier for you to come up with easy décor ideas.

You can make a fancy cake shaped like a car or truck, and the birthday invitation can be sent out in a fancy envelope – but with a car shaped card inside. Or you can mere print out the truck birthday invitation below.

Printable birthday invitation with a truck for boys.

All you need to do here is filling out the blank spots once you’ve printed the invite. After it says, “Dump everything”, you write the name of your kid. And after “is turning” you write the birthday age. Everything else should be pretty simple.

Image size is 15 cm x 11,1 cm in 300 dpi.

Fairy Birthday Party Invitation for Girls

Another excellent theme for parties for little girls is a fairy party, especially if your little girl likes watching the Tinker Bell series of animated films made by Disney.

You can find lot of decorations easily, and fairy costumes should be very easy for parents to find for their little ones. You can use one of the many Disney invitations, or you can make your own using Disney clip art or fairy clip art downloaded from Google Images. Or you may simple print out the fairy invite below.

Fairy or pixie birthday invite to print for girls.

After it says, “Calling all pixies” you write the name of the birthday child.

Birthday invite size is 15 cm x 11,15 cm in 300 dpi.

Fun Pizza Birthday Party Invite for Kids

There’s nothing like a good slice of pizza to take the edge off your hunger, and you may find that doing a pizza-themed party is a great way to go. It will certainly make the adults happy, and can be your child’s first taste of this delicious food.

Printable pizza birthday party invitation.

High resolution in 300 dpi, ready to print image size of 15 cm x 10,07 cm.

These are just a few ideas, and the truth is that there are literally hundreds of creative ideas that you can use to make the perfect birthday party theme for your little one!

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